Lifemate Group

LIFEMATE GROUP was founded in 2002, it is headquartered in Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy and most populous nation. It has three major line of business: Furniture Products, Hardware & Machinery and Architectural designs & decorations, small and medium scale commercial real estate development. Under the leadership of Mr. Chi Quan, Chairman, Board of Directors. Over the years, all Chinese and foreign employees of LIFEMATE GROUP have worked to develop LIFEMATE GROUP into an International brand with centers of operation, procurement, production and control in China (Hong Kong, Foshan and Dalian) as well as in Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Gabon, Madagascar and Tanzania. We also have fully-owned subsidiaries in 6 other countries within Africa and dozens of LIFEMATE GROUPbrand stores, with more than 3000 Chinese and foreign staffs of LIFEMATE GROUP across the world.

Lifemate Furniture

LIFEMATE Furniture focuses majorly on household products, after 16 years of uninterrupted development, LIFEMATE Furniture has transformed into a complete Industrial system by integrating research and development into production, sales, logistics and after-sales service. The LIFEMATE GROUP‘s products are mainly Home Furniture, Office Furniture, Hotel Furniture, Outdoor Furniture, Kitchen Cabinets, Sanitary Ware, Lamps, Building Materials, Massage Health Products, Food and other series, we have more than a thousand products which can be used to create a Home Furniture, MALL Furniture Products and structure. We have dozens of direct sales stores and more than 500 dealers of various types and categories of products and services. At the same time, we undertake decoration projects and large-scale furniture customization, providing one-stop home shopping experience and services for our esteemed customers across Africa. LIFEMATE GROUP products has a high level of acceptance in the African market, due to the good name and branding that we built over the years, we have successfully become the first brand of African furniture and a major player and leader in the Industry.

Lifemate Group

LIFEMATE GROUP Headquarters in Nigeria has maintained a high level of expansion and development at a high pace and momentum since its establishment, after more than 10 years of development, it has metamorphosed into LIFEMATE Furniture Company, BEDMATE Furniture Company, WECHI Real Estate Company, Datang International Import and Export Company, GUDY FOOD Company, KINGLION Building Materials and Decoration Company and other subsidiaries across multiple fields and other aspect of business, among the above mentioned companies, the Furniture companies have been the most influential in the Nigerian market.

Ogun Industrial park

In 2014, LIFEMATE GROUP invested heavily in the construction of a 160,000 square meter industrial park in Ogun State, Nigeria which is basically the production factory of different Furniture products like Sofa, Solid Wood Frame and Panel, Sanitary Wares, Cabinet, Marble Products, Outdoor and other Wood Materials.

It is on course to become the largest furniture production base in Nigeria. At the same time, it is also sited in the best geographical location for Industrial park and factory which will provide storage, exhibition and sales venues for building materials, machinery and equipment, hardware tools, bearing motors and other products from China and the world, which will also serve as a gateway for local products to enter other African markets.

In addition, LIFEMATE GROUP is also actively deploying and preparing a large-scale integrated e-commerce platform and stepping up the construction of warehousing logistics and urban distribution systems in major African countries.