About Us

Who We are?

LIFEMATE GROUP was founded in 2002, it is headquartered in Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy and most populous nation.
It has three major line of business:
  • Furniture Products
  • Hardware & Machinery and Architectural designs & decorations
  • Small and medium scale commercial real estate development


To become a world-class multinational company that provide our customers with high quality home life by establishing a long-term foundation. The needs of customers are the foundation of our survival and development, our pursuit is to always meet up with our customers’ needs and expectations.

LIFEMATE making your life better!

Services We Provide

Furniture Products

Designs & Decorations

Commercial Real Estate Development


Promoting Chinese culture and building national brands, with the rapid development of China’s economy and the gradual enhancement of Chinese cultural soft power, China is peacefully rising, the influence of Chinese culture in the world will become wider and wider, Chinese brands will surely be the world’s brands. We are inspired by the mission and sense of responsibility of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, adhering to the philosophy of the industry and the country, and making unremitting efforts to build the Chinese national brand.


We have fully-owned subsidiaries in 6 countries within Africa and dozens of LIFEMATE GROUP brand stores

Do you want to join us ?

Lifemate Group as a multinational group of companies continue to develop and keeps growing in different parts of the world with people of different color of skin, different races and different nationalities joining our team. We continue to serve more and more customers from all around the world. We will hope, dream, work and grow together as a team, explore the global market, and walk into the future together.